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The all-seeing eye is a major imprint of the collection and alludes to the force of the third eye and to spiritual protection from above,» said Kenzo art-directors Humberto Leon and Carol Lim.

Its the first fragrance by the new art directors.

Kenzo entrusted the fragrance creation to Francis Kurkdjian. «It opens with a surge of flowers by the armful, from petals to bouquets, with bursts of sweetness. It’s a brilliant fragrance, with a lively sparkling trail, a crazy rock nectar with an intoxicating scent that titillates the nose. A shot of energy that benefits the soul.»

The key note of the fragrance is Ambroxan: «Ambroxan gives the flowers the enticing quality that we need to fogret them as such. It’s a bit like the sfumato in the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci, when you juxtapose power. It acts like the fog, when the mist blurs the contours of things all around, and we only recognize their hazy outline.»

Kenzo World was launched in 2016.

Perfume rating: 2.89 out of 5 with 468 votes.

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Kenzo World Fragrance Reviews

My mom bought sample from some where I know this is not type of her so i use. 😀 1st NOTE MUST BE. ambroxan! Starting is that. oriental type of heavy floral. After 50-55 minutes peony coming. Fruits Hm maybe. Wrong grouped, oriental fruity or oriental flowery is its True group.

Ok I just tried because it’s you. And it smells nearly identical to world. Forget the burberry black comparison. I hope this is helpful

I am not a fan of this one. it reminds me of something I have tried from Avon, but I can’t seem to place it. it also reminds me a bit of Jennifer Lopez’s Deseo scent, which I was never big on either. Comparing the notes from Deseo and World, it makes sense that they smell similar. It is definitely different, but not in a likeable way for me. I wish I could describe this one better, but I am kind of at a loss. I am glad this was a free sample for me.

I received a sample and I thought:»I already know it’s not good» because of the reviews I have read. Well, I was really surprised! I like it though. I feel like it’s suitable for nights out.

Sorry to everyone but I’m loving the hate!
It means that the beautiful fruity musk that floats from my skin when I wear this perfume is special to me. well until the multitude of people that compliment me on this wrangle out of me what I’m wearing and go off to buy bottles for themselves (or their wives!) haha.
It’s an absolute love for me. Thanks MFK.

Not yummy red fruits with not charming peony. On me it rather light. Not my type(

Sobits described as musky and rosy on the main accords. Maybe the rose comes from the mahonial floral note; which I clearly see the calalillies in, but I also see light pink flower that do look kinda like light pink roses when I look close enough. But where does the musk come from? I thought ambroxan was a synthetic amber smell, and amber smells like nothing vut tree sap. That’s how amber is made. So is ambroxan also supposed to smell like musk? Musk just smell like chemicals to me. I wish I could smell real musk and see of its any similar to the musk notes they use today

I only went to test it out of curiosity for the unusual bottle, but I bought it for the scent. At first it is very strong fruity smell, not to sweet, but still delicious. After about 15 min I can smell the peony, which is one of my absolute favourites in perfume. I think it is very well done and balanced between the fruits and florals. I cant exactly explain it but it is seems to me very different form anything else I have tested and definitely unique. It is sweet and creamy, yet fresh.It does have a very very slight soapy note, it reminds me a bit of shower gel, but it is so faint I can only smell it when I bury my nose in my skin.
Great longevity 6-8 hours on my skin and good sillage-it can fill the room with more than 2 sprays. Love the unusual bottle design, but it is a bit awkward to hold and spray.

Fake fruits, fake flowers, and fake amber. An optimistic comparison would be a cheap Burberry black. And that’s being generous. I love Burberry black but this is Not a good perfume.
At wasko, the only soapy quality this has is like a children’s dollar store bubble bath

I purchased this blindly and it has turned out to be the BEST blind buy of my life! I already had an idea of what it would smell like as I already have Kenzo World Intense and Kenzo World EDT.

This beautiful deep scent lasts forever on my skin and I have received more compliments on this than any of my other 200 frags. Every time I wear it people are stopping me to ask what it is and where they can buy it. Tonight I sprayed about 4 sprays, did some housework and then went grocery shopping. About 2 hours into my shopping, the lady at the deli counter that was BEHIND the service line commented on it and had me write down the name. I bought mine at QVC because of the easy pay options, I LOVE Qvc.

My signature scent is Chloe New EDP and this one is a very close runner up. It does not smell like Chloe but has the same kind of vibe and is the same qualify and long lasting scent.

This is lovely but the intense is EVEN BETTER.

If I could give this 10 stars I would.

Does anyone know if this has any soapy note quality to it? I have found often perfumes with peony tend to have a soapy note.

The aroma is amazing, the fruit notes and flowers are felt, sweet, but not suffocating! Very cool! And persistent! The hair lasts no less than 12 hours! Clothes smell even on the next day. Registration is also happy! I recommend!

Opens as green, fresh, floral, amber, with some citrus/fruit. I think of cut grass, bamboo, Rattan, white floral soap, light amber, lemon, and pineapple.

After some wear, I sense green, amber, and some sweetness.

I find it unique, soft, and wearable. It makes me think of being outside on a sunny, fall day, with the smell of fallen leaves.

(Based on a Sephora sample)

This one was put on my Dislike list after one hour of wearing it. I was eager to test as it’s marked here as an weirdo. On my skin it’s generic, synthetic and makes me a headache; I am very open to all genres of fragrances and I try to understand every scent, but this one is a big no. It’s all of berries and artificial flowery notes- maybe is this ambroxan, I’m not an expert as many of you. Definitely not appropriate scent to buy it blind or for unexpected gift.

I wouldn’t want an eyelid sitting on my dresser but I do have to give them props for doing something a little different, though.

On to the fragrance. Where is it? I tested a couple sprays before leaving for church and I couldn’t smell anything all morning. It also would get completely overwhelmed by a lot of the other perfumes I smell around church. So,I tested a double spray on one elbow when I got home. For the first minute I got a floral pear smell, but now it just smells like baby wipes. To me, with some perfumes I sometimes I get the impression that more effort went into creating the artsy bottle than the perfume, and this is one of those times.

Dried pineapple cubes! and coconut cubes + candied cherries syrup + strawberry syrup + extremely sweet, «wax-y» chocolate substitute (I agree: cheapest chocolate covered cherries. ).
Edit: I’ve watched the ad 🙂 Hypoglycemic seizures?
Try it if you like Sun Moon Stars — it possessed the same syrupy sweetness (100% sugar in sugar). World is more fruity.
Sun Moon Stars World 😉

This is my first review here in Fragrantica as this time I felt that I really must share this with you fellow Fragranticans. 🙂 Because. I need to tell you that I BLIND BOUGHT this eye fragrance! I’ve been laughing at myself whole morning thinking about this. This is kind of a long story but I think that there might be someone who enjoys this as much as I do.

It all began a couple of weeks ago when I was at a perfume store and saw the new Kenzo World Eau de Toilette. I had seen the famous commercial before and it gave me a good laugh so I decided to test the cute looking pink edt. As I adored the powdery, innocent almond blossom note I bought the edt immediately. After that also the original Kenzo World began to interest me. I watched the video again realized that this story is exactly like my thoughts sometimes when I feel contradictory and couldn’t care less what others think about me. So somehow I knew that I will love this fragrance and ordered a full bottle from the internet. It arrived yesterday. I had some fun with myself, again, as I wanted also to “blind wear” this. That means that every time when I blind buy a fragrance I try it on skin before giving it a full wear but this morning after showering I sprayed Kenzo World for the first time full sprays to my all pulse points. And it was love at the first sniff. This fragrance is really like me. Or, actually, my World.

The controversial commercial video describes perfectly the whole evolving of the perfume. The fragrance opens with a sophisticated accord that somehow reminds me of Tom Ford Velvet Orchid Lumiére (which I adore). It fits well to a gala night but there is a little sad, kind of a mourning like undertone. Slowly, as the overwhelming ambroxan note reveals itself, the fragrance begins to change more and more modern and even schizophrenic. It begins to bloom and shows it’s empowering heart that makes you feel very confident and free! There are moments when those super feminine floral tones come forward just to make you feel feminine but at the same time the darker tones remind you all the time that you are not only feminine but also a true power woman. The nose that blended this one must be a genious!

The bottle was for me a pleasant surprise as it is made of nice frosted glass and in real life it looks much more beautiful than in the pictures. I also adore the symbolics of the name and the bottle. When you really think about the whole world and universe it makes you feel very small and meaningless but on the other hand you look at the world through your own eyes so that the world will be there for you, just reach for it by looking it eye to eye.

Film English

by Kieran Donaghy

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Kenzo World

This ELT lesson plan is designed around a short video by Spike Jonze for Kenzo World. In the lesson students practise vocabulary related to movement of the face and body, watch a video, recall details of the video and speak.

I would ask all teachers who use Film English to consider buying my book Film in Action as the royalties which I receive from sales help to keep the website completely free.

Language level: Intermediate (B1) – Upper Intermediate (B2)

Learner type: Teens and adults

Time: 60 minutes

Activity: Watching a short film, speaking and writing

Topic: Dancing and adverts

Language: Vocabulary related to movements of the face and body

Materials: Short film

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Film English remains free and takes many hours a month to research and write, and hundreds of dollars to sustain. If you find any joy or value in it, please consider supporting Film English with a monthly subscription, or by contributing a one-off payment.

Step 1

Write “ways of moving the face and body” on the board. Elicit or explain some examples such as:

To jump; to wink; to raise your eyebrows; to hop; to leap.

Step 2

Put your students into pairs and ask them to come up with as many examples as they can. Set a time limit of 3 minutes.

Step 3

Get feedback from the whole class.

Step 4

If students haven’t come up with the following verbs, elicit them by demonstrating them. It’s probably best not to try to do a somersault, handstand or back flip!


To wink, to blink, to open your mouth wide, to lick, to stick your tongue out, to raise your eyebrows, to roll your eyes, to grimace, to grin.


To dance, to kick, to punch, to beat your chest, to put your hands on your hips, to stroll, to march, a shake an arm, to clap, to do a handstand, to crawl, to leap, to do a somersault, to do a back flip, to fall backwards, to raise your hands above your head, to shake your body, to punch, to run up stairs, to stomp, to tiptoe.

Step 5

Tell your students they are going to watch a short video in which they will see a young woman perform a number of movements. As they watch they should try to think of the name of each movement. Show the video. Pause at 03:44.

Step 6

Pair your students. Ask them to tell their partner the movements they remember.

Step 7

Get feedback from the whole class on the movements they can remember. Ask them to demonstrate each movement.

Step 8

Tell your students they are going to watch the video again. This time you are going to pause at each movement and ask them to describe what she is doing.

Step 9

Tell your students that the video is in fact an ad. Put them into small group and ask them to speculate about what the video is advertising.

Step 10

Hold a whole class discussion on what the video is advertising. Finally tell them it is an ad for a perfume.

Step 11

In their groups ask them to discuss the following questions:

  • Do you think the ad is effective? Why/why not?
  • Why do you think the film director decided to make this kind of film to advertise a perfume?
  • What words would you use to describe the ad?

Step 12

Hold a whole class discussion based on the questions from the previous stage.


  1. Give your students a link to the film. Ask them to watch the video at home and write a narrative using the present simple tense to describe what the young woman does.
  2. Give you students a link to this interactive video quiz at iSLCollective and ask them to complete it for homework.

I hope you enjoy this ESL lesson.

Support Film English

Film English remains free and takes many hours a month to research and write, and hundreds of dollars to sustain. If you find any joy or value in it, please consider supporting Film English with a monthly subscription, or by contributing a one-off payment.

Kenzo World Kenzo pour femme

Je l’ai: 2 Je veux: 1

Kenzo World de Kenzo est un parfum Floral pour femme. Kenzo World a été lancé en 2016. Le nez derrière ce parfum est Francis Kurkdjian. La note de tête est Fruits rouges; les notes de coeur sont Pivoine, Notes fleuries et Jasmin d’Egypte; la note de fond est Ambroxan.

Perfume rating: 4.20 out of 5 with 5 votes.

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En savoir plus sur les parfums en anglais / More in English language about Kenzo World by Kenzo .

Kenzo World Critiques de parfums

ce que j’apprécie c’est le côté pas sucré de ce Kenzo
près de la nature

Horrible et décevant.
Pourtant Kenzo fait de bons parfums.

J’ai envie de dire «pourquoi tant de haine?».

Même si le «World bashing» n’a pas l’air d’avoir (encore) débarqué sur Fragrantica ,ce parfum s’en prend plein la poire sur pas mal de sites.

Il est beau, ce parfum !

Je pense que le décalage,ressenti par beaucoup, entre la pub (et le flacon)déjantés ou même loufoques et le produit,est la raison principale derrière cette déception quasi générale.

En effet, de prime abord, rien de renversant ni de révolutionnaire dans cette composition que je qualifierais de contemplative.

Oui, mais la contemplation pronée par Kenzo est à la fois planante et dynamique, cérébrale et sensuelle.

Je retrouve ça dans presque tous leurs parfums, et c’est pour moi vraiment la «patte Kenzo» : Vouloir réconcilier la communion avec la nature et la vie trépidante de la citadine, comme si il n’y avait aucune raison que ces choses s’excluent mutuellement.

Une question que je me pose : Y a-t-il ou pas des notes fruitées dans ce parfum ?

Il n’y a que sur Fragrantica que celles ci soient mentionnées . Alors que le descriptif mentionne des «facettes fruitées du jasmin d’Egypte».

A mon nez,les fruits rouges sont très présents en tout cas,mais je les trouve très réalistes, pas bonbon, ni confiture ni (Dieu merci!) «fruitchouli». Je ne suis pas quelqu’un qui s’intéresse beaucoup aux «nez» de la parfumerie, mais je dirais qu’il en fallait un très expérimenté pour y parvenir.

Un parfum de plus chez Kenzo qui célèbre la beauté de la nature, dans sa pureté et sa sensualité.

A pride of awards for Kenzo World video at Lions Cannes!

Perfumes & Cosmetics

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    A pride of awards for Kenzo World video at Lions Cannes! — LVMH

    2 Gold Lions, 2 Silver Lions, 3 Bronze Lions, and above all a Titanium Lion … The Kenzo World shot by Spike Jonze won over everyone’s hearts and minds at the Cannes Lions! These kudos crowned the Maison’s bold creativity and joined the 11 other awards Kenzo has taken home since the campaign was released in September 2016.

    The Kenzo World video proved a huge hit at the recent Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, which took place from June 17-24. This high-profile annual event brings together communications professionals from over 100 countries who work in creative communications, entertainment, design and tech. Kenzo Parfums won a total of eight Lions:
    – 3 Bronze Lions: art direction, editing and cyber video;
    – 2 Silver Lions: casting and cinematography;
    – 2 Gold Lions: film direction and use of original music;
    – Titanium Lion

    The Titanium Lion is an exceptional award that goes to game-changing campaigns that shake up existing norms and rewrite the rules. The inspiring work chosen moves the entire ad industry forward.

    For our next Titanium Lion, the winner is… fashion label @kenzo for «My Mutant Brain» #CannesLions

    — Cannes Lions (@Cannes_Lions) June 24, 2017

    Kenzo World is the first fragrance conceived by Kenzo creative directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, inspired by a bold, free-spirited and powerful woman. Directed by Spike Jonze, the film follows actress Margaret Qualley in an electric ambiance that is a far cry from the standard genre of perfume ads. Since its release online, the Kenzo World film has won 19 awards, celebrating its disruptive spirit and the strong impact of the Kenzo identity. The fragrance was launched in September 2016 in France, the USA, Belgium, Netherlands et Saudi Arabia in the first place, then in Germany and the UK in June.

    Among the other awards won by Kenzo World:
    – Epica International Awards: Gold award for online luxury campaign and Grand Prix Film.
    – Prix Communication & Entreprise : Prix d’Honneur for the ad campaign.
    – WWD Beauty Inc : Award for best fragrance commercial.
    – Grand Prix Stratégies du Luxe 2016: Silver medal for the bottle, made of black rubber, pink gold and opaline; 1st Prize for the ad campaign; Grand Prix Stratégies du Luxe.
    – Oscars CosmétiqueMag : Communications and Design prizes.
    – Centre du Luxe et de la Création : Luxury Marketing Award.
    – Prix d’Excellence de la Beauté 2017 : “Prix de l’audace”.
    – Popai Awards: Gold Award in “gondola head, technical and innovation” category; Silver Award in “fragrance floor stocker and floor display” category”; Bronze Award in “fragrance merchandizing and shelf display” category.

    Nez de Luxe — blog i opinie o perfumach damskich i męskich


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    Kenzo World Intense

    Kenzo World Intense znajdziesz w perfumerii

    W Polsce Kenzo World Intense to tegoroczna nowość, chociaż na świecie znane są już od kilkunastu miesięcy

    Wersja Intense budzi skrajne opinie. Niektórzy mówią, że to najlepsza odsłona tej rodziny, inni posądzają o blamaż samego twórcę — Francisa Kurkdjiana. A dodatkowo wieść niesie, że bohaterką pierwszego planu jest moja ulubiona śliwa.

    O Kenzo World Intense można napisać wiele prawd. Na pewno czuć, że to dzieło nawiązujące do swojego poprzednika (Kenzo World). Czuć, że zmieszał je Kurkdjian, ponieważ obcujemy tu z jego mistrzowsko ukręconym akordem kwiatowym (znanym z rodziny My Burberry czy Carven).

    Mamy jednak też sporo cięższych nut, choć czystej śliwy wśród nich nie ma. To raczej woń suszonych owoców z mieszanymi podtonami rodzynek, śliwek czy bakalii. Bardzo mocno zaakcentowano wanilię, która już od serca wchodzi na pierwszy plan i wyznacza cały obszar bazy. Nie jest jednak ani przesadnie słodka, ani syntetyczna. Łączy wiele odsłon i zdaje się bardzo, bardzo dobrze dopracowana.

    Początek jest wyraźnie cierpki, nieco mydlany, słodki i pudrowy. Dziwny i jedyny w swoim rodzaju. Na pewno niemożliwe jest znalezienie jego odpowiednika wśród perfum niszowych i mainstreamowych. To wielka zaleta. Również następujący po nim akord zmierzający w stronę owoców pozostaje na wysokim stopniu oryginalności i momentami przywodzi na myśl skropioną sokiem z brzoskwini skórę, którą poznaliśmy w My Burberry Black.

    Opinia końcowa o Kenzo World Intense

    Choć Kenzo World Intense trzyma się stylistyki swojej rodziny (i innych dzieł Kurkdjiana), to z nich wszystkich jest zapachem, który najdalej odleciał w kierunku oryginalności. Na pewno nie spodoba się każdemu, lecz artyzmu nie można mu odmówić.

    Ze swojej strony dorzucę, że można w nich wyczuć również świdrujące w nosie, czyste piżma.

    Najważniejsze cechy:
    • charakter: owocowo-kwiatowy, kurkdjianowski, dość niszowy
    • + bardzo dobrze i ciekawe zrobiony początek pudrowo-kwiatowy
    • +/- klasyczny akord kwiatowy znany z innych dzieł twórcy
    • + bogaty akord suszonych owoców z podtonem bakalii
    • +/- duży udział wanilii, która została przedstawiona w różnych formach (choć te nieco bardziej chemiczne i przykurzone również można poznać)

    Nuty: śliwka, piwonia, jaśmin, wanilia
    Rok premiery: 2017/ w Polsce 2018
    Twórca: Francis Kurkdjian
    Cena, dostępność, linia: woda perfumowana dostępna w pojemności 30, 50 i 75 mL
    Trwałość: bardzo dobra, około 9-10 godzin

    Reklama perfum Kenzo World Intense