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How to Design a Grooming Salon

Designing and grooming a salon in the right manner gives an ambience appealing to customers.

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A survey by the American Pet Products Association states that the number of homes in America that own pets has risen by 2.1 percent — a total of 72.9 million pet households. Despite the recent economic downtown, the survey revealed these pet owners are willing to spend money on the health and well being of their pet companions. This ensures that pet-related businesses such as grooming salons will continue to be profitable ventures despite the economic downturn.

Blueprint and Layout

Designing a grooming salon requires you to have knowledge of the basic floor plan of your proposed salon. It is advisable to have a blueprint of the premises which defines the dimensions, shows the location of plumbing pipes and electrical wiring. This information aids in designing the different sections of the salon. For example, the grooming area which will involve activities such as blow drying and hair trimming should be closest to the power sockets. Even though long power cables are a viable alternative, they pose as a health risk, especially with animals and staff moving around.

Activity Separation

Divide the space of the premises into three major sections: waiting area, grooming area and storage. The waiting area needs to be a spacious area that will accommodate the customers and their pets comfortably. A reception desk may be included in this section to handle appointment bookings and inquiries. The grooming section requires you to acquire grooming equipment such as a dryer, basic and finishing scissors, clippers, large grooming table and blades. Some grooming salons choose to display their products at the reception or waiting area, however to ensure a free flow of both animal and human traffic, it is advisable to create a storage area for your products. These products include shampoos, hygiene and cleaning products, combs and brushes.

Finishes and Décor

When deciding on the finishes and décor to your salon, you need to consider ease in cleaning and accessibility. For example linoleum floors are a good choice due to their smooth texture, making them easy to clean. Alternatively, include small separate carpets which are removable in case one of the animals has an ‘accident.’ It can be removed and replaced with a clean one. While choosing items for decorations, pick accessories that add life to the place such as a live plant, an aquarium or a fountain.

Color and Ambiance

The choice of color is dictated by personal preference and the ambiance you want to create. You want to make your clients feel welcome and at ease. To achieve this, creamy earthen tones and shades of green are advisable. It is also recommended to synchronize the color with the staff’s uniform, company’s logo and cards. This helps maintain a consistency that the clients can relate to. The smells from the animals and wet fur may cause discomfort for some of the clients, but a strategically placed air purifier will remedy this. Place one in the waiting area and another in the grooming section, add a drop of flower essence on the filters to diffuse the scents through the rooms.


pet grooming

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Petco Certified stylists don’t just do their job, they love their job. You’ll see that love in action every time you bring your pet into our salon.


full-service options

Baths & Grooming Packages

Full-service dog bath Includes natural shampoo, blow-dry, ear cleaning, gland expression, 15-minute brush-out, scented spritz & nail trim.

Full-service dog bath with haircut Includes natural shampoo, blow-dry, ear cleaning, gland expression, 15-minute brush-out, scented spritz & nail trim, PLUS cut & style, including to breed-specific standard.

Full-service cat packages Petco has stylists who specialize in grooming cats! Please call your salon for more information.

Prices for full-service baths and grooms are based on pet’s weight and breed or fur/hair length. A free grooming consultation is always provided before your appointment begins.

Bath & Grooming package upgrades

Express-service upgrade: Add on to any full-service bath or bath with haircut for just $10. Express-service includes hand-blow-dry, with no kennel-dryer time. Great for pets like seniors and puppies.




Face, feet and fanny trim


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All spa upgrades are available with any full-service bath or groom

Package upgrades — Skin & itch solutions

Flea relief package: Includes naturally medicated or flea shampoo, moisturizing coat conditioner & finishing spritz


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Aloe oat-bath medicated shampoo upgrade


Flea shampoo* upgrade


Flea & tick topical*


All skin & itch solution upgrades are available with any full-service bath or groom

*Flea shampoo not available in NC; Flea & tick topical not available in NY, NJ, NC, IN.

Package upgrade — De-shed solution

Includes FURminator loose undercoat removal, natural shed-reducing shampoo & treatment, followed by another thorough FURminator brush-out and aloe hydrating treatment. This full-service bath or groom upgrade starts at $20 based on size and breed of pet.

Package upgrade — Pick 3!

Includes upgraded shampoo and conditioner, PLUS any 3 of the following for $22 (up to $47 in value!) Choose three: nail buffing, teeth brushing, breath refresh, paw balm, blueberry facial, nail polish, feather hair accessory, colored hair extension, 15 extra minutes of brushing, face-feet-fanny trim

A-la-carte & Walk-in services

Mini make-rover: Includes nail trim, teeth brushing or breath refresh, ear cleaning & 15 minute brush-out


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every service starts with a

pet care check

a Petco exclusive

Prior to each service we check them from nose to tail.

Ensure your pet’s eyes are bright, clear and alert. We will alert you to any dull, red, swollen, crusty or cloudy eyes.

Check your pet’s ears are clean and odorless. We will alert you to any dirty, odor, or swollen ears.


Check that your pet’s teeth are clean, shiny, and unbroken. We will alert you to any plaque, tarter, broken teeth, or swollen gums.

Ensure that your pet’s nose is moist and un-cracked. We will alert you to any dry or cracked areas.


Ensure that your pet’s underside is shiny and healthy. We will alert you to any odor, matting, insects or swollen skin.

Skin & Coat

Ensure that your pet’s coat is shiny, healthy, and unmatted. We will alert you to any dry, oily, matted, open sores, lump & bumps or odor.

Nails & Pads

Check your pet’s nails are healthy and shiny; and the paw pads are moist and un-cracked. We will alert you to any cracked, brittle, long nails or dry, cracked or swollen pads.

7-point Pet Care Check

The 7-point Pet Care Check is not a substitute for regular examinations and care from a licensed veterinarian. If we find any concerns, we will refer you to your veterinarian.

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Why isn’t there a price listed for full-service bath and haircut services?

Full-service grooming cost is based on breed, pet size and type of fur or hair. It will be confirmed for you when you meet your stylist at the start of your service, and a standardized rate card based on location is available at your salon. Your stylist will consult with you before each appointment to create a personalized plan that you and your pet will be happy with!

How do I get my pet started with a grooming service?

Getting started is easy! To book a full-service appointment for your dog, click the ‘Book Appointment’ button on this page, or call your salon and they can set you up.

If you’d like a free grooming consultation before your pet’s full-service bath or groom, or one of our walk-in service options, stop by your salon anytime with your pet’s proof of vaccinations.

For cats: Please call your salon and we’ll get you set with a stylist who specializes in grooming cats!

How long does a grooming service take?

This will depend on the size of your pet and service. Your stylist will be able to provide an estimated time of completion at check-in. Express Services are available.

How do I change or cancel a booked appointment?

Please call your salon to change or cancel an appointment. If you have already set up text message communication with your salon then you can send a text message request as well!

Full service bath for dogs

Our stylists love and welcome ALL dog breeds*, and many salons also have stylists who specialize in grooming cats.

Please note that regardless of pet type, we always put safety first. Sometimes pets can stress in new situations. If we feel your pet is too stressed or showing any potential health concern, we may opt to conclude the grooming appointment in order to do what’s best for them. Your stylist can help recommend a grooming service for a smooth introduction, such as a Mini Make-Rover. For any potential health concern your stylist will refer you to your veterinarian.

Pets with special needs: Our salon safety protocol is maintained to the highest safety standards. Express service is available for pets who prefer to be hand dried only. For pets with flatter faces (also known as brachycephalic), your stylist will recommend this option as this will greatly decrease the amount of time your pet will spend in the grooming salon, and may be a better option for the health of certain breeds. Please note that we cannot accept wolf hybrids at this time, due to vaccination limitations.

How are pets dried after a bath? Your stylist will welcome your preference requests!

We use a number of drying methods designed to ensure the safety and comfort of every pet (including air drying, towel drying, or non-heated hand-held and kennel dryers); and we do not allow the use of kennel dryers on brachycephalic breeds that are prone to respiratory issues.

What training and certification requirements do you have for pet grooming salon staff?

We train and certify our grooming salon teams using educational academy programs that include extensive, hands-on practice and apprenticeship, and most importantly place a heavy focus on doing what’s best for pets in every situation.

Amongst apprenticeship programs and other hands-on training activities, Petco pet stylists who are trained from within the company are required to attend and pass Petco’s comprehensive 12-week Pet Stylist Apprentice & Certification academy program. In addition to hands-on grooming training with a Petco-certified pet stylist mentor or instructor, all participants receive instruction in health, safety protocols and grooming salon operations. At the end of the program, candidates must pass a technical skills assessment in order to become a Petco Certified Pet Stylist.

Experienced pet stylists hired from outside the company must complete a personal skill evaluation by a Petco Certified Pet Stylist or Grooming Salon Leader, as well as four weeks of safety and pet grooming operations training. They must also complete and pass a technical skills assessment within 14 days of hire. If the candidate does not pass the technical evaluations, they must complete Petco’s 12-week Pet Stylist Apprentice & Certification program and retake the skills assessment.

How are your care and safety policies developed?

We continually review and update our pet grooming policies, procedures and standards, under the supervision of our Director of Veterinary Medicine, with counsel from a number of independent experts in animal care, behavior and ethics. We continue to train our teams on and reinforce the critical importance of following those policies at all times. Since 2015, we’ve worked together with the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) and the Professional Pet Groomers & Stylists Alliance (PPGSA) to encourage and support national health and safety standards for the grooming industry. We believe these standards are critical to the wellbeing of pets everywhere, and we continue to work with other pet industry leaders to encourage industry-wide adoption and adherence to them.

How is safety ensured for all pet grooming services?

At Petco, our commitment to the health and safety of the pets in our care is unwavering and a responsibility we take very seriously. We are pet lovers and know that it’s an honor and a privilege to serve and treat our guests’ pets like our own.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of animal care and safety in the industry, as developed under the supervision of our Director of Veterinary Medicine, with counsel from a number of independent experts in animal care, behavior and ethics.

We stand behind personalized service that focuses on the individual needs or concerns of each pet parent and pet. Every visit includes a comprehensive 7-Point Pet Care Check upon check-in to our salon and we require our stylists to refer any pet with a known or potential health concerns or displaying any signs of stress to a veterinarian.

We require the use of a «groomer’s helper» during all grooms to help ensure the safety of both the pet and the groomer. The «groomer’s helper» is a tool designed to help safely maintain control of the pet’s body and head while on the grooming table.

What types of vaccinations are required for salon services?

Proof (documentation) of up-to-date, age-appropriate vaccinations are required for your pet so that we can maintain a healthy, fun environment for all guests. Requirements include:

Parvovirus, hepatitis, and distemper vaccinations for all dogs and puppies

Rabies vaccination for dogs and cats aged 16 weeks or older (if a medical reason prohibits your pet from receiving this vaccination, please consult your salon ahead of visit)

New York City administrative code also requires dogs show proof of vaccinations for para-influenza, parvovirus within past three years and for Bordetella within the past six months

Parvovirus (panleukopenia), herpesvirus-1 (viral rhinotracheitis), and calicivirus for cats

For questions please consult your Petco salon or store. Please be sure to leave 24 hours between vaccine administration and grooming service.

Time to update a vaccination? Petco offers convenient walk-in vaccination clinics led by state-licensed veterinarians at most stores, without the accompanying appointment fee! See your store for convenient times and details.

Salon grooming

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From cuts and styles to manicures and pedicures, you are sure to get everything you’re looking for. In addition, Allure Salon is available for special occasions and events and even has a malt beverage license so you can relax and have a drink with your favorite stylist while transforming your look.

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